Data Cleaning

Keeping your data clean and save ££££

Keeping Customer & Prospect data clean and fresh is vital to business success. Every day tens of thousands of companies and individuals change their details.  Failure to keep up with the changes can result in losing touch with customers, or worse, getting a fine for contacting people who do not want emails, text messages or cold calls. With GDPR less than 6 months away it is a key part regulations to ensure you only have the data you should. Having deceased individuals and companies, incorrect names or addresses may well trigger an investigation

We can take your data and within a few hours tell you whats right and wrong, the cost to fix and the cost of doing nothing.

Our Free Data Audit shows whats right and wrong, the amount of money you are losing and the costs the put the errors right. Click here to start

Sample B2B data cleaning report
Sample B2C data cleaning report

Get your data corrected in a few hours

Cost effective data cleaning, which was only been available to large companies, is now available to the SME sector and files can normally be cleaned in  a day or less.

  • Add telephone numbers Mobile and landlines
  • Telephone number validation for Mobile and Landlines
  • Removing deceased individuals
  • Suppressing gone-always
  • Change of addresses for business and residential data
  • Removing gone-away and unmarketable companies
  • Identifying changes of name
  • Add in demographic information
  • Postal Address correction and enhancement – removing typo’s

Look at the amount of changes in UK – Free Data Audit. Call 01908 760100 for more information.

  • 3m Home  movers each year
  • 50,000 telephone numbers changes daily
  • 15,000 business changes every day
  • 50,000 deaths each month
  • 19.667,495 + registered on TPS
  • 2,485,996 + registered on CTPS
  •  2,162,746 registered on FPS file
  • 23,203,851 on NCOA
  • 5,568,736 on MPS
  • 15,743,8573 registered on combined Bereavement registers

We process files against 900m plus databases. This gives better than 95% accuracy

GDPR is coming and are you 100% confident your data is clean. You are required to ensure that data held is accurate. Still 100% confident?

Not so sure?  Send a copy of the data or a 10% sample if your data is greater than 25,000 records  to T2D is registered with the ICO to process third-party data reg no Z1091674

Ask for a free assessment state of your data.  This process will show how many records need cleaning or updating and the costs. You can then select to run all the processes or just some of them such as telenumbering.

T2D  now offer the same day service with an initial FREE* audit. Just send a copy of your data and we will tell you for FREE how clean the data is, and an estimate of the cost to have it updated.

*Free offer subject to correct file structure being supplied. Ask for details and a file structure sample.