Email Address Validation

Email address validation, Same day service

  • Validate current email addresses
  • Identify and suggest fixes to common misspellings
  • Detect generic and catch-all email addresses
  • Generate suitable email salutation
  • Protect Your domain
  • Same day service for most files

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Email or Digital  marketing is a great way to communicate with your customers without incurring the cost that comes with calling and mailing. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are holding valid email addresses. Unlike post which can be delivered even if the address is not perfect, email is less forgiving and only 100% correct and live addressed

Without pre verifying that your email addresses are valid, you are likely to get a high amount of bounces after every mail shot. If you continue to email  known bounces you are then at risk of your domain put onto a spam list for repeatedly emailing inaccurate addresses over and over again.  High bounce backs and spam ratings will also damage your domain rating and can lead to black listing.

Email Validation service ensures that your email addresses contain only valid characters (characters such as these £ $ ! & = [] {} would not be valid) and have a valid mail receiving domain (the part to the right of the ‘@’ symbol). We can also validate the individual mailbox (the part to the left of the ‘@’ symbol) to ensure email addresses are absolutely correct. This will ultimately improve the amount of emails that are deliverable, help ensure you are not put onto any spam list and improve your campaign’s performance.

We compare the email address to over 2,000 known free email providers so that you can identify which of your customers are operating on free email addresses. We can also detect disposable email addresses (email addresses that work once and then get deleted), and generic business email addresses (for example Based on the information collected here, we can suggest an appropriate salutation field for your email campaign.

Additionally, we compare the name information that you have provided and try to spot inconsistencies. For example, if you have a name of ‘John Smith’ you would not expect the email address to be ‘john.smit@…’. Our system detects these errors and offers suggestions to fix them. Finally, we analyse invalid email addresses to see if any correction might be suggested that results in a valid email address. For example, ‘…’ would be corrected to ‘…’ and ‘’ would result in the suggested fix of ‘’.


  • Ensures your email addresses are valid
  • Help you to reach your target audience
  • Helps you to segment and address your email campaigns better
  • Prevent being put on a spam list for mailing invalid addresses
  • Reduces costs