Postal Address Cleaning

Postal address cleaning

Every day tens of thousands of companies and individuals change their addresses which is why postal address cleaning is so important and will save £££.  Do you know who they are because we probably do and can get your data corrected – Here are just some ways to get your data cleaned.

PAF Cleansing – correct invalid or misspelt addresses and postcodes

Postcodes are an essential part of address data, allowing you to find customers in your database or CRM system quickly, analyse your sales by area or perform a sophisticated demographic analysis. If your database contains missing or out-of-date postcodes, this service can help correct them.

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The Royal Mail also offers discounted rates to companies sending mailings via its Business Mail services, which require your data to have a high level of accuracy including OCR addressing. Our processing of postal address cleaning using the Royal Mail PAF file ensures you get the best rates.

We recommend that you use an address validation solution to quickly and accurately enter new addresses into your customer database or CRM system. However, postcodes and other address details can change over time, so even if you use a quick address capture system you should still cleanse your address details regularly to ensure they are up-to-date.


  • Ensure that your customer and prospect addresses are “postally correct”
  • Use highly targeted marketing for your products and services
  • Save money with Business Mail bulk  services
  • Portray a professional corporate image and ensure affinity with your customers by spelling their addresses correctly in your communications

Goneaway Suppression – identify people who have moved house

  • Don’t waste your marketing budget on mail-shots to people who have moved house
  • Most people won’t inform you when they move house
  • Enhance your company’s green reputation by reducing paper waste
  • Part of our data cleansing range of services

Typically, when you move house, you wouldn’t bother to tell all of the various companies who have your name and address details. The cost and environmental damage caused by companies mailing customers at their previous address are huge, but our Gone-away screening service allows you to identify people who have moved for less than the cost of sending them a single mailing, giving an immediate return on investment.

It is harder and more expensive to obtain new customers than retain existing ones, and our Movers service offers you the chance to keep in touch with your customers after they have moved by providing you with their new address.

Our service allows you to remove Gone-aways by combining data from many different sources including Royal Mail’s NCOA Suppress, Equifax disConnect, Acxiom Purity and REaD UK’s Goneaway Suppression File (GAS) to provide you with a simple flag to indicate whether your record is no longer at the address you hold.


  • Ensure affinity with your customers and prospects who move house
  • Make substantial savings by sending direct mail campaigns to individual’s correct address
  • Improve your organisation’s green credentials by reducing paper waste

Deceased Suppression – avoid causing distress and prevent possible fraud by identifying deceased customers

  • Over 10 million Deceased records
  • Advanced, accurate matching techniques
  • Data updated monthly
  • Includes Mortascreen, TBR, NDR and disConnect Deceased
  • Part of our data cleansing range of services

Sometimes, getting it right is about not contacting your customers. Deceased Suppression (also known as Deceased Screening or Mortality Screening) gives you the ability to quickly identify Deceased customers through means that you not only avoid causing distress to bereaved relatives and damaging your brand, but can focus your resources in the right direction and reduce the costs of wasted communications.

Sending marketing material to the recently Deceased is one of the worst things you can do for your company reputation, so make sure you screen your data using our Deceased suppression service before every mailing. Each record we flag as being Deceased costs less than producing and sending a single item of mail, so the return on investment is immediate.


  • Identify Deceased customers and prospects in your database accurately and quickly
  • Avoid further upsetting their relatives and friends by stopping all marketing communications to individuals who have passed away
  • Prevent any bad publicity – and damage to your brand – by continuing to target Deceased individuals