Direct Mail

Yes Direct Mail is back

Yes despite the popularity of email marketing Direct Mail is back with many businesses finding it gives a  much better return because the open rate is up in the 85% mark plus, for some such as postcards it’s a 100%.

After years of people writing the letter and catalogues off and consigning them to the dark ages, companies who are coming back to this media are surprised at the results. Don’t believe it? then look around your house at Christmas, New year, Easter at the catalogues that you have been sent by supermarkets, online suppliers and local companies.

Customers like receiving direct mail from their suppliers & stores plus mail is a good way of gaining extra sales. Why not include a small catalogue and tell them about other products.

For many companies, getting a mailing out can be a major undertaking. Organising the extra stationery, ordering the envelopes, tying up the office printer for days, inserting the mailer, franking or stamping the envelopes… it can be expensive in time and labour.

We offer a low cost solutions and we can print and post a A4 letter for 39 pence printed and posted with no minimum volumes.

Using T2D Group relieves the pressure and, in many cases, we can get postage discounts   that might not otherwise be available to you.

T2D has a range of mailing facilities that can handle mailings of a few hundred up to a million.

All that is needed is the artwork for the inserts and your letterhead, and we’ll do the rest. At all stages you have complete control and sign off before any work is done.

Through our network of specialist suppliers we offer a full range of mailing services including:

  • Bulk Mail Processing
  • High-speed laser printing (A5 A4 A3) single and duplex
  • Four colour laser printing
  • Personalisation
  • Envelope design and printing
  • Insert folding and enclosing by hand or machine
  • Laser or inkjet envelope printing
  • Polyloping
  • Promotional Items packaged and mailed
  • Publications mailed
  • Mailsort discount
  • Response handling
  • Data capture

The service is for volumes between 1000 and a million and is suitable for any size of envelope. To get a quotation, contact the sales department on 01908 760100.