OnLine Mailing solutions

Print and post  A4 letter for only 52 pence with our online mailing solution

A new breakthrough in technology has now enabled us the make substantial savings with our Low-Cost online mailing solutions. For example, A4 letters printed and personalised, in the post with the postage paid from 52 pence *plus VAT.

High quality, flexible Low-Cost Direct Mail at your fingertips and at a cost including the postage lower than a 2nd Class Stamp. We do all the printing so no stationary is needed and the print is in full Colour or B&W.

Because the of the sheer volume of mail posted you get the whole job done at an unbelievable price, any volume, anytime.

  • No Minimum Volumes
  • online mailing solutions
  • Low cost
  • Letters, Postcards, Greetings Cards.
  • 1 sheet or multiple sheets
  • Print inserts in full Colour
  • Full Colour or B&W
  • Fully personalisation included
  • UK Facility
  • Delivered by Royal Mail
  • Cost from as low as 39* pence for an A6 B&W postcard printed and posted! Including the postage
  • On Line or Managed service

*44 pence is based on a  On Line B&W A4 letter, printed and posted including print, post, stationery + VAT

Here is a Tip – Post is an ideal means of reaching key decision makers in larger companies.

Just think how many emails these people get and nowadays how few letters or postcards. With the new low cost direct mail technology available you can now do a mailing to those few key contacts that are hard to reach.

Why not try mailing and then do a telephone call a few days later to follow up the post?

No need to hunt out some letterhead, find a printer that’s not being used or locate the right size envelopes.

Simply upload your letter text plus letterhead design, the recipient addresses and the whole lot will be in with Royal Mail for delivery the next day.

Direct Mail OnLine

If you want to save additional money  and you are happy to do the whole process yourself then please follow the link below


Print and  Post for less than the cost of the stamp

We have selected two on-line mailing systems that we have selected to work with. Both are UK based andare GDPR compliant, ICO and ISO restered or approved. Both have theri mail delivered by Royal Mail

They are two different ways of working and it really depends on which you are happiest with:

T2DMail allows you to create the mailing on your PC and print the mail merge to a PDF . You then upload the completed file and the system will then proof and if it all looks good you can then complete.  Here you can do A4 letters in B&W or Colour  and A5 and A6 postcards. You will need to be pre registered to get a user name and password. To register click here


Docmail works differently and you need to create you letter or card to fit their template so all the elements are in the right place. Once completed you upload the completed artwork,  upload the mailing list, combine the two proof and if all is good, pay by card and mail

Both systems use high end digital printers and you can mail both 1st and 2nd class rates with a huge discount off the normal rates