Email Broadcasting

Email Broadcasting

Email broadcasting can be a brilliant low-cost media to stay in touch with customers and add in new ones. As part of the Direct Marketing mix, we supply email marketing lists, only from approved sources, email broadcasting including template design and build plus broadcasting. Only UK owned email platforms are used, this keeps your data safe and severs back up within the UK

  • Targeted B2B and B2C emailing available
  • Create beautiful HTML emails
  • Manage your lists
  • Data is held in the UK on secure servers
  • New additional security added to ensure fewer emails are picked up as spam
  • Upload UK & EU Opt-in purchased lists.
  • Advanced automation features included
  • Build and host forms on the platform – no need to host externally
  • Use your domain name to send out emails

Email Tips

  • Ensure you can prove you have permission to email all the records
  • Ensure the addresses are verified. Lots of incorrect addresses may cause domain issue
  • Does the design and message reflect the target audience?
  • Ensure there is a good ratio of text to graphics. Go over the limit and your email will be classed as spam
  • Avoid using junk words and phrases.
  • Only use copyright free or paid for graphics. The fines can be heavy
  • Test, Test, Test to all types of device and operating systems – Your email may look fine on a PC but all broken up on a tablet
  • Keep it short and simple. Its the first second that will make the difference between reading and delete
  • Do not use OUTLOOK or other SMTP  systems to send out bulk emails. They will all get blocked and your ISP will get annoyed

Need Targeted  Email address lists

  • B2B & B2C Email Marketing List
  • GDPR Compliant business data now availible
  • De-duplicate against your own data
  • 2.9 million UK business records
  • 44 million UK households
  • Target Business by size, type, location, job title
  • Target consumers by gender, age, interests, location plus many many more

Keep in touch with customers and Prospects

Email is an ideal way to keep in touch with both customers and prospects. Newsletters, product ideas, even the odd joke help to keep the flow of information from you to your customers and clients. With email marketing its easier to run short campaigns for instant reaction.

* Email addresses should be personal, not generic and be 100% opt in with provable opt in certification.