GDPR and Direct Marketing Lists


With the introduction of GDPR on 25th of May, we are making sure that all our list providers fully comply with GDPR

If you plan to use data for postal mailing or telemarketing then you are able to use our data as usual as existing legislation applies but changes need to be made with personal emails.

Under  GDPR it won’t be possible to use personal emails to contact sole traders or partnerships, so we will ensure that these have been removed from our data.  Where possible, we will provide generic email addresses for these contacts, which will be permissible under GDPR. However, the simpler option is to mail the business.

With GDPR personal emails for employees of limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLP) are defined as personal data, and it will be necessary to identify a “lawful basis” for using them.  There are six bases, one of which is consent.  For marketing purposes, the most appropriate basis is probably going to be  Legitimate Interest.  So long that you can show there is a  legitimate interest in using personal email data,  not overruled by the recipient’s rights or interests, then will be able to use our email supplied data for marketing purposes.

There is a range of criteria need to be taken into consideration:

  • All emails must contain an opt out. Use the T2D email platform and this will be added automatically. If you accidentally remove the Opt Out then the email will not be able to be sent
  • Ensure you know where your email system is saving any information.
  • As before most US-based email systems will not allow the use of EU or UK purchased data on their systems


Because T2D is not a data owner we are indepenedentof any data company. We make sure that you get the best data for your campapign, not the pocketr of the list owner