Marketing Databases and Lists

Access thousands of Business & Residential Direct Marketing Databases and lists from one source

Good marketing data is key to the success of any marketing campaign. Data needs to be correctly selected, but more importantly, it must be accurate. Inaccurate or not selected correctly will, at best result in a poor response or at worst, a waste of resources and cash in terms of lost sales, handling of returns and disposal.

All the data we supply is guaranteed and you can legally compliant with current UK laws. We are also making sure that our suppliers can supply GDPR compliant data before May 25th, 2018

T2D Direct Marketing offers an independent list-broking service for UK and International Direct Marketing  B2B & B2C marketing databases and lists for mailing, telemarketing and email marketing. That means we supply the right list for your campaign. Its just one call or email.

You can call our experts and discuss your campaign in detail or use our online services. Our sales staff have real time experience in Direct Marketing and are able to find even the most obscure marketing databases and lists for clients. We deal with hundreds of list owners from both the UK and the rest of the world, so we find the right list for your campaign – not the list owner’s pocket.

With over 80 years of real world experience, the team can add refinements or make suggestions that at first did not seem obvious. Here are some simple questions to ask before committing to any data:

Direct Marketing List Warranties and DPA

  • Ask if the direct marketing list is registered through the List Warranty Registration Scheme.
  • Ensure the data adheres to the Data Protection Act and GRPR
  • Ensure that warranties are in place re the DPA
  • Check they have consents in place and you have proof in writing

Ask for Help

  • Be prepared to ask for help.
  • Share information with the List Brokers and build up a good relationship.
  • The better the relationship, the better the service you will receive.

Your idea – This will help us to help you

  • What is the purpose of the campaign?
  • Do you have a mail piece sample ready? Do you need help with the copy?
  • Have you thought about possible competitors
  • What volume do you think you need to meet the campaign target
  • Is the campaign going to be email, mail, telemarketing or a combination

How is a marketing list created and managed? We check it all out for you

  • Is the list compiled, response, telephone, exhibition, publication, questionnaire, customer database based? When was it last updated?
  • Does this list owner/ Company have permission to rent this – If so written proof is required
  • GDPR – Is it compliant?
  • Basic profiles
    • Consumer– age, gender, location, geography, demographics
    • Business – locations, business type, size, contact job function
  • Define key selections, i.e. one person’s buyer could be another’s lapsed customer
  • How often has it been rented?
  • What are delivery times?
  • What suppression’s – if any – are used by the list owner? ( Do ask this question) £££ savings
  • What selections are available?
  • What is the deliverability guarantee


  • Choose your ideal lists for tests and negotiate
  • Large mailers should be able to demonstrate their high net downs rate, especially for new tests
  • You will normally be quoted a cost per 1,000. You should work out cost of name mailed, based on expected net downs after merge/purge, cost of additional selections, run on charge, delivery charge
  • There is a need to forecast how many you should buy based on merge/purge output
  • Do you want to negotiate for repeat mailings? These generally give a better response rate
  • What are the terms of usage?
  • Make sure you have some backup lists in case you can’t get access to certain lists
  • You may want to get an idea of additional cost for a rollout quantity