Marketing lists and Datbases – FAQ

Marketing lists and Datbases – FAQ

Here you will find answers to many of the questions you may have about marketing databases. Need more specific questions answered? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What are Mailing and Telemarketing Lists?

They are an important element in the construction of a direct marketing campaign to develop sales by being in possession of the names, addresses and other data of a profiled marketplace. This could business or residential data.

How are they created?

There are many compilation methods. From publishers lists, members lists, customer lists, trade attendees, integrated data, telephone research, mail questionnaires and many more. The significant aspect is that people and businesses are constantly changing. No commercial list is a black book of personal addresses. No list is ever 100% clean. It must also be noted that lists are built for commercial reasons hence a request for businesses likely to move office next week or yellow car buyers would not available. However, in the vast majority of cases, we can always provide near alternatives. You never know until you ask!

Can I use them legally?

Care needs to be taken to ensure the data being purchased has been legally collected and you are satisfied that the list owners have all the correct permissions in place. With data being so accessible now with the internet, there is a vast amount of illegal data being offered to unsuspecting buyers. GDPR put the onus on companies to check third-party suppliers carefully. There are some simple questions to start asking

  • Where did they get the data from
  • What is your GDPR or ICO registration number
  • Prove you have written consent from the data subjects for Direct Marketing purposes

How are they cleaned?

Mainly by telephone, questionnaire or subscription. Over 40,000 amendments alone are made each week on one business database alone.

How do regulation filters work?

Each list should always run against the master files of TPS, Corporate TPS, FPS and MPS before despatch.  When anyone requires their name to be suppressed from lists in general, their application is inputted into the current file and it is this file that is run against your dispatched listing.

With GDPR additional permissions may be required and  you should check these are in place before purchasing the  data

How specific can lists be?

Very specific. You can select by: Line of business, Size of company, Geographical, Multi named Contact at Multi Positions , Head Office or branch or site, All IT analysis, All Company House Data, Import/Export, Fleet sizes, What companies buy/ the amount they travel and there are hundreds more pieces of data on which you can select. On residential lists the easier answer is to say that virtually every selection you may require is available.

Are these lists better than the telephone directory, or other directories?

YES they are, for many reasons. Firstly they are supplied in a format that you can instantly use. Have you ever tried writing out thousands of names and addresses! Secondly, the lists are selectable as described above. Thirdly they are continually updated as described above. The lists also have named contacts and are comprehensive. Finally the directories and phone books do not carry the full addresses, post codes, fax numbers or other such data. In most cases bear in mind that most directories carry copyright, so copying it may be illegal.

How much are lists?

They vary considerably. A standard business list average price is around £12.50 per 100 records or £17.50 per 100 with telephone numbers. But there are so many factors and combinations that the only method of evaluating it’s justification to your business is to ask for a sample of the list of your choice.

Are there minimum orders or volumes?

It depends on the list. With B2B data, if our standard selections are suitable, then you can buy exactly the number you need on line by clicking here. With other lists the minimum order is usually 1000 records. Even residential lists, though normally 5000, can in some instances be reduced. There are also specially compiled lists where a minimum volume of records are necessary but, for the majority of our clients, the volume is usually 1000 records ONLY. We can obtain some lists in smaller quantities of a few hundred is which ideal for a trial.

What are residential, business, international lists?

Business lists are generally companies at their business address. Residential are usually at their home address. There are a number of “in betweens” e.g Directors at home, business investors etc. International is any address outside U.K. Eire is an international list.

What is rental?

Rental means a once only use for the purpose it was obtained e.g Mail once or/and telephone once. A Lease Rental gives limited or unlimited usage for generally a 12 month period.  Purchased or data outright is being phased out due to GDPR

Note that when a rental is taken, the supplier reserves the right to integrate “seed” addresses. These are coded addresses that can be identified back to the mailer if used more than the contract term.

What about Email addresses?

Email addresses will become more difficult to obtain with GDPR. Business email addresses look like they will continue to be available but consumer clearly will become harder with the requirements for implicit consent. In many cases, list owners are offering to send out emails from their platforms which should be a lot easier to manage