New Email Marketing Platform Now Available

We have been for a few years now looking for a new email broadcasting platform and with 95% + of the market using US based platforms the search for a UK based system has been difficult.

But this month we have launched our new email broadcasting platform. This offers so many advantages over much of the competition and it also ensures that the data remains in the UK

Why use us

  • UK Based platform, server and connection – your data is safe and there are no accidental data protection act breaches.
  • UK based help desk
  • New high-level domain security to ensure higher delivery rate
  • Capacity from a few hundred to several million per hour
  • Latest Drag and Drop editing systems. No need to worry about HTML coding
  • Templates totally customisable or we can build one for you
  • Emails sent out on yours/ Clients domain
  • White label systems – No T2D branding on email footer
  • Built in forms – no need to host
  • Advanced automation features to send “thank you”, “reminder emails” “are you still interested” to non-responders & responders are just a few of the features
  • No monthly charge

One of the biggest reasons we needed a non-US platform is you cannot add UK or EU Opt In  purchased data to any of their platforms. We have know clients who have done this and found that their emails all bounce or worse they websites are blocked.  Because everything in our system is UK-based this resolves the issue.

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