Open Rate V ROI

Is the open rate the key measure with email marketing. Many belive it is.  But surely the ROI is the real key. How much revenue has the campaign generated for your businesses?

However  the Open rate does tell you a few things:

  • The email was delivered.
  • The subject line was relevent to the recipient.

The next question should be what is going to be my click thru rate. If is a fat zero then you need to look at the email. Was there a link? does it work? was the HTML built properly?  If the answer to these is yes, then you should look deeper.

  • Is the content relevent to the recipient – targeting the wrong people can be brand damaging.
  • Is there too much content.
  • Was there a “Call to Action”
  • Is the link clear visible to anyone.
  • Is the offer too good to be true.

You are getting click thru but no action on your web site – Now that is a whole new problem but there are some basic errors that still trip people up here.

  1. The landing page content does not match – There is nothing more frustrating is seeing something of interest and then to land on a page with obvious reference what you have previously seen.
  2. Was there any sort of “offer” ? Does not have to be financial.
  3. Was there a place to leave details? Was this simple to complete – Anything over three boxes probably will not get completed.
  4. Does your offer stack up against the competition?   Really stack up?  Have you checked them out?

So as you can see there are multiple reasons why.  The key has to be ROI.  The fact with email marketing is you can measure all the way down the chain. Whilst its true that  many email marketing campaigns do not offer products or services for payment but ultimately they are doing this to drive people to their business.

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