Social Media

Social Media

2018 social media trends predict that the time we spend on social media platforms is set to increase. A recent survey found that 75 percent of business owners are put off engaging with another small business because of its lack of social media presence. For many businesses, this means there’s an urgent need to improve online presence.

With over 10 million Facebook users in the UK alone, there’s hard evidence that social media is a powerful tool for business owners yet SMEs are often reluctant to build an online following or are unsure about the benefits.

  • There’s a huge opportunity to develop a direct conversation with your customers by being much more active on social media.
  • By linking your social media accounts to your company website, you can reach out to new customers and new audiences with regular updates and fresh, relevant and topical content.
  • Social media helps you build an emotional connection with your customers, helping to position your business as attractive and trustworthy.

However, social media does need to be dovetailed with all your marketing activities. It’s worth taking some time to plan your strategy and work out which channels will work best for your business and your customers.

If defining goals for social media, or working out how to write and post content that will engage your customers seems a headache or you’re just not sure how to start, T2D can help you

  • Define your business goals for social media
  • Define your communications goals
  • Develop a plan to create and schedule social content
  • Measure and review

We offer support to get you started and flexible, affordable plans for writing, creating and scheduling content. If you’d like more information, call T2D today.

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