B2B Telemarketing with a different approach

Good telemarketing can be very effective in getting new business. Finding the right company to do the calling for you can also be very difficult.

Our view on this is very simple, most people will respond positivity to a gentle conversational approach conducted by a well-briefed educated caller rather than the scripted brash telemarketing approach we still come across. However, as most of us know, this is not the approach of most companies.

If you like our style then why not give us a call.

Telemarketing can be a very effective way of securing qualified appointments for sales visits, conference bookings, customer retention, market research or data cleaning and enhancement.

We provide outbound telemarketing for businesses requiring a professional company that will dedicate personnel to their campaigns. These are not high volume call centres, but with experienced commercially astute business communicators who are able to converse about technical products and business solutions to the key decision makers, including Managing Directors in large businesses.

We ensure that all communication on behalf of clients is done in the client’s ‘house style’ and all follow-up communications will, if required, appear to have come from the company.

Typical services include:

  • Appointment generation
  • Data cleansing and lead qualification
  • Marketing support
  • Research and market profiling

Which would have, appointments where your salespeople drive miles for a non-appointment or a confirmed appointment with the right decision maker who understands the nature of the meeting and they have requested it.  Your sales staff have been fully briefed on the company and individuals.

Appointment Generation

Most companies employ field sales staff who cost a considerable amount of money. Add to this the provision of a car/mobile phone/laptop and other expenses, and field sales staff can become very costly indeed.

Additionally, many sales executives find cold calling very difficult, leading to a low number of calls and a very low conversion rate.

T2D works with companies who specialise in cold appointment making to agreed criteria. This frees the sales team and managers to concentrate on face-to-face sales and working with customers.

We ensure that all appointments meet the agreed criteria and written communication is sent out confirming the appointment.

We also offer a virtual office facility during the campaign, allowing the potential prospect to keep in touch with the original caller if needed.

Data Cleansing and Sales Lead Qualification

With thousands of companies and consumers changing their details every day, keeping contact databases up to date and fresh is becoming more demanding. Companies waste enormous sums trying to contact old customers and prospects who have moved or gone out of business.

We use a combination of telemarketing and our automated data cleaning services to give speed and accuracy. Through the automated service, individuals and companies who are no longer at the recorded address, and who have not provided a new address, are removed. This cuts out the cost of telemarketing to dead records. The data is then called and brought up to date, including the verification of contact names and DDI numbers.

Typically uses of this service include:

  • Generation of new prospect data
  • One-off cleansing of an out-of-date database
  • On-going cleansing of your main prospect database
  • Monthly checking of prospect data against the Telephone Preference Service
  • Qualification of potential leads

Marketing Support

Add weight to your marketing by using telemarketing to support your advertising or direct mail campaigns:

  • Execution of customer service questionnaires/interviews
  • Driving of new visitors to an updated web-site
  • Database enhancement and updating
  • Execution of a new product launch to existing customers and new prospects
  • Follow-ups to customers invitations to events such as seminars, open days and breakfast meetings
  • Finding delegates for relevant exhibitions or conferences.

A typical campaign will include a mix of follow-ups by both telephone and e-mail where applicable.

The campaign should include daily or weekly reports.

Seminar, Exhibition and Training Course Attendance

It is becoming increasingly common to ‘soft sell’ products and services through seminars, exhibitions and even training courses.

These events are also useful for generating repeat business, cross-selling and up-selling, and promoting a brand or product to specific vertical markets.

By approaching an agreed target industry sector and decision maker level, attendees are guaranteed to be exactly the people that you wish to attract.

We can work with your data or source the data for the campaign

Research and market profiling

Information is power and it is a necessary prerequisite to determining a strategic move for any forward-thinking business.

When preparing to market to larger companies (by telephone or direct mail, for example) it is important to gather as much of the following information as possible:

  • The number of sites and their locations
  • The number, trading names and locations of divisions, sister organisations and joint ventures
  • Key decision makers, and their PAs
  • Correct names and titles
  • Indirect and direct telephone numbers
  • Email addresses

Market profiling can help companies determine the value of the market for their product or service, and identify the type of company that would be interested.